Where To Look For Kids’ School Shoes

Kids' School Shoes

Shoes that need to be tied can add extra time to your morning routine with toddlers and other young kids, which you may not have. So, we always tell kids in first grade or younger not to wear school shoes with laces. But what about older kids? The answer depends on how rushed your mornings are usually. If you’re racing out of the driveway on two wheels to get to school, even teens would like school shoes that don’t have laces, and there are a lot of good options. Most parents of teens will tell you that whatever they can throw on and still look good in is the way to go, and no-lace school shoes are a great example of this. If you can, we’d say to skip the laces unless your child has very specific tastes. Start Rite Discount Codes is offering huge discounts on kids’ school shoes. 

MIA Girl’s Alanis

Girls of all ages can rock the halls in style with these school shoes, which come in sizes 1–12. They come in a few different colors, including the cutest glitter one we’ve ever seen. We love the subtle lace details that make her feel like a big girl no matter how old she is.

Girls Mary Jane Shoe Cienta

Is there anything cuter than a young child in classic Mary Jane shoes? No, not at all. We love Cienta’s because instead of a clasp, they have a velcro closure that is much easier for toddler and kid feet to get a hold of. Canvas is also a great material for both dressy and casual occasions.


These sneakers don’t have laces, so they can be worn by both girls and boys. The Canvas is strong and easy to clean, but you could also put Scotchguard on it to protect it even more. You can put them on the kids and take them to school, the park, or the church. They are made to go almost anywhere. Did we mention that the Duchess of Cambridge uses it for her children? 

Mary Jane

If you want your little girl to have a more traditional Mary Jane shoe that will last, Stride Rite is the way to go. The soles let kids run and play without worrying about hurting their shoes. They come in many different colors and close with the traditional clasp. KidsVoucherCodes is the place where you can get some bucks saved on school shoe shopping for your little ones.

Native Shoes Jefferson Child

You’ve probably seen a lot of kids wearing these shoes, and if you want to know if they’re worth the money, parents say they are. These school shoes are made of rubber and have a thick sole that can handle all the running and jumping that your little one can do. Rubber also makes it really easy to clean these shoes—just throw them in the sink. We also like the holes because they let the feet breathe. We all know that kids’ feet always smell.

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